Wings of Change - An Ode to Étaín

Wings of Change - An Ode to Étaín


Étaín was beautiful. So beautiful, a jealous queen blew her far away on a great wind for seven years. Étaín landed in a lake and there transformed into a worm, and then into a beautiful butterfly. Over millennia, Étaín endured many transformations as well as jealous suiters and husband-kings. Her story, which lasts over one thousand years, reveals Her place as a Goddess of Love, Transformation and Rebirth. She is known as the “Shining One.”

In this Fae Queen necklace I’ve adorned Étaín’s butterfly spirit charms with Rosa Quartz because it clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and attracts love. The vintage green Czech and sea glass beads are for Étaín’s homeland, Ireland.

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