Utere felix

Utere felix


A collection of life and fertility amulets on a horizontal bone & silver bail. Looped leather cord with vintage Kuchi coin clasp. “Make use of me, and may you keep in good health.”

Included from left to right:

Cowry shell, antique Coptic amber, Vintage silver Aggrab Al fadda bead.

Pewter rune pendant, reclaimed bamboo coral disk, vintage African agate, recycled silver metal bead and cone.

Stony brain coral beach fragment, turquoise.

Pewter Asante African “venus/fertility” pendant, sterling and silver metal, turquoise.

Boar tooth (vintage/reclaimed African), obsidian.

Vintage Yemen clamshell bells, African clay bead, African Uyot seed charm, recycled silver metal bead and cone.

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