I’m always searching for the Goddess behind our cultural symbols, and I always find her.

Believed to predate most modern religions, the Hamsa hand lineage can be traced back to the Phoenician Mother Goddess Tanit. Part of Tanit’s iconography, the ‘open hand’ symbol originally meant something like, “She Whose Hand is Above Us […protects us].” This symbol has passed into middle eastern cultures as the ‘Hamza’ or ‘Hand of God’, worn as an amulet to give good luck, joy, or protection against the Evil Eye.

The pewter Hamsa hand on this amulet is clearly a Jewish variety because of the Star of David symbol at the top. In this case, we would call it the Hand of Miriam (Moses’s sister). Double strands of amethyst, silver, and violet Czech crystal chain, heart shaped lobster claw and yak bone spirit bead complete this necklace. Length 16” plus 3”drop.

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