Flower and Song (Hungry Coyote II)

Flower and Song (Hungry Coyote II)


"Flowers of raven, flowers you scatter, you let them fall in the house of flowers. Ohuaya ohuyaya." The Flower Songs of NEZAHUALCOYOTL (Hungry Coyote), Poet of ancient Mexico.

I’m repeatedly drawn back to the flower songs of Hungry coyote. Maybe because the poetry songs are so full of life force, and mysterious imagery. They are filed with thought, symbol and myth. Moreover, the spirit of paradox is embedded in the soul of ancient Mexico, and in these poems. That is something I can profoundly identify with.

As this vintage carved amethyst calla lily was likely made in Mexico, the connection to the flower songs was obvious to me. The beautiful Earth and chakra colors represented by turquoise, lapis, carnelian. orange agate, amber, citrine, green glass and jasper can root you to The Garden and House of Flowers, while the carved bone spirit skull will remind you how brief is your stay. Length 20” plus 3” drop.

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