Welcome to DelightfulVoid

Hi! I’m Shelley, owner and artist at DelightfulVoid. My jewelry inspirations come from everywhere and nowhere: the murky depths of prehistory, the metaphoric biographies of the human race retold in myths and folklore, the sacred knowledge of alchemy, Earth magic & nature, science, and music.  I trend toward Paleolithic-Neolithic technologies. I embrace contradictions. Folk artists delight my soul. Cultural diversity is the fertile soil I tend, creativity my primordial stew, and the Ladle is my talisman. 

The name “DelightfulVoid” comes from a Joseph Campbell translation of the Maori “TeKoreRawea,” meaning the 7th circle of their creation myth. In essence, The DelightfulVoid roughly correlates to The Big Bang theory - when all the star stuff was available to create the universe. I hope you enjoy “All the Beautiful Things and Clusters of Assembled Matter” as much as I do. Please know that when you purchase something, you have a unique work of art, cleansed and blessed with the best intentions for you to use as you see fit. All ingredients are ethically sourced, free trade, and socially responsible with human dignity and environmental justice always at the forefront.

And I, infinitesimal being,

Drunk with the great starry void,

Likeness, image of mystery,

Felt myself a pure part of the abyss,

I wheeled with the stars,

My heart broke loose on the wind.

-Pablo Neruda

Shelley OwenDelightfulVoid